Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meet My Totem

   I could never relate to the fairy tale princesses, and don't have enough of a mean streak to be one of the wicked queens, most of the month, anyway. Don't get me wrong; I loved Cinderella and Aurora and Snow White as much as the next little girl. Still, I just couldn't relate to them.
     I was a veritable anti-princess, if you will. Stocky, chubby, tripping my way into adolescence over the carpet patterns, loud, wondering if I would ever be seen as pretty underneath it all.
    Somewhere along the line, probably in grad school when I discovered Carl Jung, I rediscovered folk tales. In good order, "The Ugly Duckling" popped up. You know, the one about the duckling who realized one day that she was a swan?
     Swans are big and strong. (5'7, myob, and pass the tractor parts, please.) Swans are graceful (took a few dance lessons and a lot of yoga, but I arrived). Swans in some cultures were messengers between the worlds ( I meditate before I write articles or make plans for an issue).
    My swan swam to me through a pond of iris during a guided meditation session. If I accept and heed her messages, I write so much better than I would otherwise. The better I write, the better I serve The One Who Is, and using gifts wisely and well is what it's all about.

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  1. i would say you are most assuredly my cup of tea fran! thank you so much for stopping by and visiting comfrey cottages. your kind words about our rumbley meant so much. i am having a difficult time with another one right now.. praying the old adage of 3's won't apply:( but your ginger kitty story brightened my day:) i love daogs also, and have had many a great dog share his/her life with me over the years. just overloaded on kittys in a hobbit size house now so... no room at the inn! lol
    i am off to wander around your mind a few minutes before i have to start our supper. my totem animal is an otter:) your one word chocolate, swan, kind words and your spiritual preference have hooked me dear. i am certain i will be back for a chat;-0 herbal and honey hugs to you fran:)