Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to My New Favorite Film

         Does your idea of a good time involve a run to the grocery store? Do you feel as much satisfaction from seeing people you care about enjoy a meal that you've cooked as you do from partaking in it? I do.  Have you seen "Babette's Feast?" Do yourself a favor and put it in your queue or rent it.
         Two sisters, Martina and Phillipa, made a lot of sacrifices for their father's super strict ministry, including chances at love. One archetypal dark and stormy night (the story is set on Denmark's Jutland coast), a stranger named Babette shows up at their door. Babette had lost her son and husband during a conflict in the 1870's, and the former suitor of one of the sisters had sent her to Jutland for safekeeping. For fourteen years, Babette tolerates the local food. One day, she find that she's come into a substantial amount of money and wants to go back to Paris, but before she goes, she wants to cook an authentic French meal for the sisters and what's left of their father's flock.
          It's rated PG, with some caveats for kitchen prep scenes.

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