Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Couple of Corrections from this issue

Oops! Your Humble Editor is blushing with all four cheeks....two corrections from the current issue of Swan and Iris....

One: a thousand apologies to Carol of Carol's Critter Care. It's Carol's Critter Care, not Pet Sitting. Gentle Readers, please say it with me: Carol's Critter Care. Thank you.

Two: Carol's Critter Care is near Athens, GA, not Atlanta. For those of us who grew up in Michigan, it's not unlike saying Lansing is a suburb of Detroit.

And a clarification--subscribers need to send me an email at fran at the journal coach dot net (no spaces). I only take checks and cash. No plans to take Visa or PayPal at this time so I can keep my prices fair.


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